The primary reason for the failure of government-TTP dialogue is the very fact that we are still somehow unable to establish with certainty the true identity and intended agenda of the miscreants. Imran Khan’s theory which terms them the products of US ‘War on Terror’ and drone strikes has been proved wrong by the recent developments. The radical religious apologists portray them as ‘Islamic Jihadists’ who intend to enforce Islamic Shariah in our country. However, the nature and chronology of their actions substantiate that they have nothing to do with Islam or its fundamentals. In fact, their demand for the imposition of Shariah looks nothing beyond a tactical move as their real desire is to get their jailed comrades free and the withdrawal of security forces from the troubled areas, providing them another opportunity to get reorganized and fortify.

There have been certain conspiracy theories that maintain the involvement of some ‘external forces’ and ‘international players’ to destabilize Pakistan. These theories are gaining considerable importance and relevance now. Analyzing the geopolitics and regional strategic perspective, the conclusion about this proxy war would be a bit easier. In fact, the ‘War on Terror’ has facilitated all the anti-Pakistan ‘birds of a feather’ to flock together in Afghanistan.

How does our arch-enemy justify its heavy presence and rising influence in Afghanistan? What’s Indo-Afghan ‘strategic partnership’ all about? Who is financing and providing logistics to theses militants living in remote, inaccessible and inhospitable areas? Before launching any massive military operation against these elements, we have to find the answers of these fundamental questions. Otherwise, just like the recent dialogue debacle, another frustrating fiasco is predicable.


Lahore, March 9.