Birmingham- Malala Yusufzai has publicly apologized over using the incomplete name for the Prophet (PBUH) in her autobiography , saying that she was not worried about being refused the inauguration of her book in Pakistan.
Talking to a private TV channel, she also expressed her concerns over terrorism spilling across the Pakistani borders, making inroads into other nations, as people revert to using terrorism for achieving their own agendas.
She regretted that Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan were prime victims of terrorism. While stressing for a unified struggle against the menace of terrorism she said that peace could only be achieved through dialogue and not war. She urged Taliban to apologize to those who were targeted and those who were incidental causalities, also urging Taliban that they should adopt democracy to get their message across.
‘My only struggle is for the promotion of education, to which every citizen of Pakistan has a right,” she said , assuring that she would come to Pakistan soon.