Islamabad- The Chairman of PTI , Imran Khan , today held meetings with Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Chief Minister and MPAs of allied parties and PTI .

He discussed the cabinet reshuffle to allow for faster delivery to the people. PTI Chairman in his meeting with PTI MPAs informed them that the Party’s position was very clear on governance and in no way would it tolerate nepotism , political interference in the bureaucracy and police or any hint of corruption on the part of its legislators.

Imran told the MPAs this is a 17 years struggle for change and in no way would he compromise now and allow PTI to degenerate into a party of the status quo. He would rather PTI sat in opposition than be reduced to a status quo party.

Khan said he would personally monitor, with the Chief Minister, the performance of the Ministers over the next three months. Khan said the cabinet reshuffle was necessitated to improve the performance of the provincial government so as to enable it to deliver on electoral commitments made to the people of the province.

Khan also pointed to reports coming in of attempts by legislators to seek transfers and postings of bureaucrats and police officers and he reiterated that PTI had zero tolerance for such behaviour. He said PTI had been elected on the basis of bringing about change and Naya Pakistan and it cannot betray the trust people had put in the Party.

He appreciated the efforts of the KP government in furthering the agenda of change in many sectors but he felt that unless there was a deliberate and conscious effort made to end the old corrupt political and bureaucratic ways of functioning across the board, the agenda of change would be impeded.

He also emphasized that legislators must lead by example and they must not only be above suspicion but must be perceived by the people to be above suspicion.

Khan made it clear that his Party would not compromise on its core commitment of transparency and clean, competent governance and justice for all, to make Naya Pakistan a reality in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, which would be the role model for the other provinces.