United Nations - Saudi princesses are being held captive and have been for the past 13 years by their father, the King of Saudi Arabia, this is what the princesses emails to the UN convey. The four daughters, all grown women in their 30s and 40s, claim they are held against their will in the King’s palace, according to The Inquisitr .
In a plea to the UN the four princess daughters of the King are asking for help. The women’s mother, who is long since been divorced from the Saudi King, has also written a letter pleading for help for her four daughters.
In emails to the UN the 42-year-old Princess Sahar and 38-year-old Princess Jawaher, say that they and their sisters, 41-year-old Maha and 39-year-old Hala, have been living in seclusion in the royal compound. Two of the princesses are kept locked away in one section of the palace and the other two sisters are in another section of the palace.
One of the main concerns expressed in these emails is the health condition of one of the princesses . While Princess Sahar and Princess Jawaher say that they see each other “slowly fading into nothingness,” their main concern lies with Princess Hala.
Her health is deteriorating and she is not given any medical attention. She is inflicted with psychological problems including anorexia. Sahar said that the last time she was able to speak with Hala on the phone she said “she wanted to die.”
Under Saudi law, the King can actually command his daughters to stay inside. Females are required to have a guardian with them at all times when out in public, this could be a father, brother or husband. The princesses say it is their half-brother who is keeping guard over them in the palace.
When these princesses were in the news decades ago, they were enjoying a life of luxury and had everything that money could buy. It is Sahar’s claim that when she and her sisters started complaining to their father about the poverty in their country, he took that lavish lifestyle away and virtually made them prisoners.
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was instrumental in helping the princesses mother, by endorsing the letter she sent to the UN in hopes that something be done to help the women. From here it is in the hands of the United Nations Special Investigator who decides what actions if any can be taken in this case. The UN has yet to confirm it they will take any measures to help the Saudi princesses .