FAISALABAD-The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) will launch a special campaign against smoking in order to make Faisalabad a narcotics-free city.

Chairing a meeting of FCCI standing committee on anti-narcotics, Chairman Jaffar Hassan Mubarak said that the ultimate objective of the campaign is to sensitise the masses with a special focus on youth. He said that a special programme will be aired from radio FM 101 and immediately after it; a walk will be arranged in the vicinity of Peoples Colony. The students and teachers of the local schools, representative of NGOs, officials of Social Welfare Department and activists of civil society will also participate in it.

Dr Jaffar appreciated the efforts of district administration which is taking keen interest in discouraging smoking particularly at public places. In this connection special boards inscribed with anti-smoking slogans have been installed in all the public parks, railways stations, government offices and other public places. He said that it has taken another bold step to ban the "Sheesha" under section 144. He said that the district administration was very vigilant and taking strict action against the violation of anti-smoking laws. He demanded the Deputy Commissioner should fix timings for the sale of cigarette, paan and tobacco and special officers should be deputed to ensure implementation of the ban.

He said that smoking is the only addiction which has negative impact on the passive smokers. He urged the need to use social media to create maximum awareness among masses about the ill impact of smoking. In this connection, an App could also be launched. He further said that the FCCI standing committee has planned to visit the Chiniot Campus of the Foundation for Advancement of Science & Technology to get the voluntary services of their students in the drive. Salahuddin said that FCCI standing Committee will also print stickers and pamphlets on the hazards of smoking. "These stickers and pamphlets would also be distributed free of cost to the target groups," he added.