While addressing the National Assembly, Federal Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said Pakistan has not sent any military brigade to Saudi Arabia, reported Waqt News

“All reports regarding it are fake,” he asserted.

The Defence Minister further stated that Pakistan will keep on providing mediation services for resolving issues among Muslim countries. “We will not involve ourselves in any state’s conflict,” he emphasized.

While talking on the issue of former Pakistan ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani’s claims in a recent Washington Post article regarding the US hunting down Bin Laden, he stated that Haqqani should be tried legally. “The whole issue should be prosecuted in front of the media and masses,” he said.

He further claimed that Haqqani spent $6million, and a parliamentary commission should be established against him. “The opposition leader has tried to end the issue by calling Haqqani a traitor,” Asif added.

“Thousands of Americans were given visas during former the government. Even security agencies were not told about the visas given to US citizens. This is serious national security issue,” Asif maintained