PESHAWAR -  The Peshawar High Court on Tuesday disqualified Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Member of Provincial Assembly Mian Zia-ur-Rahman from PK-54 Mansehra for violating article 62 and 63 of the Constitution over a degree issue. The PHC also ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan to officially notify disqualification of the lawmaker.

A petition filed by the residents of PK-54, requesting the court that MPA Zia-ur-Rehman has violated article 62 and 63 of the constitution while speaking a lie in front of the Election Commission by filing fake documents.

On the basis of these documents MPA Zia-ur-Rahman contested 2013 general elections and got elected with a fake degree which is a sheer violation of article 62 and 63 which states that a person must be honest and truthful to hold a public office.

Earlier, the MPA had filed an appeal against the election commission through his council Babar Awan and Ghulam Muhayudine Malak advocate and the Supreme Court decided the case in favor of MPA.

However, later on the resident of PK-54 filed another petition through a person Nadir Shah appealing the court to declare MPA disqualified as member of the provincial assembly who has allegedly deceived the election commission of Pakistan. The Peshawar High Court reserved its judgment and on Tuesday a two-member bench of PHC comprising Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth and Justice Younis Tahim disqualified him and ordered election commission to issue his disqualification notice.