LAHORE-Lahore Art Council organised yesterday a Sufi music night with dervish dancers to promote the message of Maulana Rumi and keep the tradition alive.

Renowned artists Nayab Ali Khan, Inam Ali Khan, Faizan Ali Khan, Chand Khan, Sooraj Khan, Taimoor Afghani, Khadam Wasri performed on the occasion and mesmerized the audience with their power pack performances.

Sufi shrines in Pakistan, such as the Lal shrine in Sehwan, Sindh, the practice of Sufi whirling is called Dhamaal and is performed to honor Sufi saints, or qalandars. Across the Islamic world, Sufi music takes many forms. It fuses with local traditions to form widely varying regional colours and sounds.  LAC Executive Director Atta Muhammad Khan said that Sufi saints are the torch bearers of our societies who disseminated message of peace and love all we need is to promote their message to our young generation. “In this programme we are going to explore the roots of this extraordinary musical force and see some of the highlights of Sufi music and dervish dances in action,” he said.