It is a matter of grave concern that the number of diseases and patients is increasing with each passing day, resulting in rising death rate. Heart diseases and various types of cancer are among these.

It is becoming necessary to cure such diseases and to educate the people about precautionary measures.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best cooking oils for patients of cancer and heart disease. Extra virgin olive oil is prepared simply by crushing and grinding olives.

It is the pure extract of olives without the use of any additives and preservatives. Its taste is the same as that of olives. In olive oil, refining machines are used during extraction, which add chemicals to oil and thus it does not give the original taste of olives.

While extra virgin olive oil is the best in quality and taste, as compared to other olive oils that are being sold in the market, it is more expensive than other oils because its extraction is difficult and time consuming and needs labor, not the machine.

Extra virgin olive oil is only available in foreign countries, not in Pakistan. While a number of heart patients and cancer patients are also living in Pakistan, olives are not being cultivated here and thus we are importing large quantity of olives from foreign countries as well as cooking oil.

Imported extra virgin olive oil is only available in big markets of Pakistan and is very expensive. We should grow our own olives and extract their oil ourselves. In Pakistan labor is also poor and people need money. By growing olives and extracting their oil we can provide money to all the jobless people. Industries should be constructed to extract extra virgin olive oil. In industry only labor and olives are required with the trainers to guide them regarding the simple method of extraction. International councils set some parameter for extra virgin olive oil.

We should understand all these parameters and extract our own oil from our cultivating olives. One of the advantages of extra virgin olive oil is that it can be extracted at temperature less than 30 C, which is lowest temperature in which oil will not degrade. Due to lower temperature extraction it is also called as “Cold Press Oil”.

There should be proper storage of the oil. Glass bottles, steel containers and ceramic bottles can be used for storing oil. Small bottles should be used for storage. Tainted bottles are best for storing the oil, because they are light reflectors and keep the original quality and taste of extra virgin olive oil. Be careful in using this oil. Avoid direct heat and exposure to sunlight. In houses keep the oil in refrigerator.

Buy oil that can be used within 2 months. Direct heat and sunlight will spoil the taste of oil and cause rancidity in oil. The rancid oil will not be of any use for the patients. Extra virgin olive oil contains all those necessary nutrients that do not cause swelling and infection.

Heart diseases are due to two main reasons. One is stress elements that are produced due to stress. The other is swelling due to infection. Both of these reasons can be removed with the use of extra virgin olive oil. Not only heart patients but cancer patients can also use this oil. In cancer there is swelling and infection, in addition to other issues. This oil can be used for the cancers of breast, respiratory tract, digestive tract, upper digestive tract and lower digestive tract. It can also kill the bacteria in digestive tract and can also be used for external body massage.