Notwithstanding that I have no love lost for any politician because to me they are all the chips of the same block yet, I do not approve of the MNS misleading the masses by his repeatedly harping upon what he knows not to be true. He lets go of no occasion to ridicule the verdict of the five judges of the Supreme Court and in his rallies asks the audience if the five men can overrule 200 millions? Or, would they accept the verdict of five men against millions of the masses? And each time there is a resounding NO from the masses. However, what he knows for sure but playing upon the naivety of the ignorant masses hides deliberately is the fact that these five men are not the ordinary men like anyone else in the street. They are the Honourable Judges of the Highest Court of Pakistan and what they say becomes a precedent and law for all times to come. And what they have said in his regard is a ‘verdict of a court’ and that too of the highest ! Supreme Court of Pakistan ! 

Is he not encouraging defiance of the worst order against the law, judiciary and the courts by inciting the audiences to challenge their verdict? Would it not one day lead to, say, the death penalty awarded by a Sessions Judge challenged by some unruly scores of a murderer’s supporters and the murderer be let off? 

Why is the SC not taking any action against such brazen contempt of court, I simply fail to understand. ‘Nip the evil in the bud’ say the wise men, before it is too late, which in this case has already been to some extent. 


Rawalpindi, March 2.