In our society pale skin is considered to be the standard of beauty, people with pale skin are taken to be smarter, more beautiful and intelligent than the ones with dark skin. There are lots of companies advertising and glorifying the use of fairness creams and lotions basically projecting in minds of people that somehow pale skin is superior. The biggest issue that emerges from this problem is when a family looking for a daughter in law to get their son married demand for a girl with pale skin. Instead of considering her good habits and good education they judge her for her skin color. It literally shatters the dreams and hopes of that poor girl, pushing her into pits of self pitying and fueling the fire of hatred for her natural skin color compelling her to use said fairness creams and beauty products. Issues of racism and colorism also arise from this problem.

Allah made us equally and He also said all humans are equal. So why does this prejudice exist? Why is discrimination based on skin color is so common in our society?

I hope my message will get to people through your esteemed newspaper.


Karachi, March 4.