Testing limits of taste, trust and Sushi at Sakura

2018-03-15T11:44:00+05:00 Shamama Tul Amber

Every 3 out of 10 people in our squad opt for Chinese food whenever we plan a fancy dine-out. But, what about Japanese food? Why desi people aren't so fond of it? Maybe it's because they don't actually try it after how most desis living abroad issue stern warnings like: “Don’t eat Japanese food in Pakistan. It is horrid and unauthentic.”

Whatsoever, I wanted to challenge myself because I know a Sushi-lover who always made me wonder what it tastes like and why does he go to Sakura so often.

To our surprise, Sakura at Pearl Continental Hotel sits one of the very few consistently great restaurants in Lahore, and even Pakistan.

I convinced two other friends to go try it with me and there we made ourselves comfortable because it was not a menu that any diner should rush through. We took a while to order as we were quite new to such menu.

When delving finally into the main purpose of visiting Sakura, one should always consult with the helpful staff persons, who will always provide an honest assessment as to how fresh the seafood fare is.

However, I think they should update the menu with less complicated terms for people like us who are being introduced to Japanese cuisine for the first time ever.  

We began with a mix platter of Sushi. It was a good amount serving, enough for three people, but what is laid before you will melt in your mouth, coating the tongue with the delectable fat and oils of this impressive fish.

Also, some Mint Margarita.

Note that you've to be very respectful to the fish and avoid the mistake of dipping it liberally into a crude blend of soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger.

The Crispy California Roll is the most approachable and popular item on the menu, a roll that is particularly good for those who are new to the cuisine.

Each piece deserves individual regard, a moment to truly absorb its components, before moving on.

For the main course dish, I ordered Prawn Teppanyaki which introduced me to sweet and sour Japanese flavour. I have to admit that the excitement had us go a little crazy. 

By the end of our meal, we were desperate for some dessert and ordered some ice cream.

I loved my Matcha flavoured scoop that had a really intense flavour of Matcha tea and lots of other components which were a bit unusual for me but worth a try.


Food - 4/5

Ambience - 4/5

Cost - 3/5

Service - 5/5 

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