With the latest manoeuvre of China to delay the request by Britain, France and the United States (US) to add Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) leader to the UN terror blacklist may have arguably raised many eyebrows. However, the Chinese approach in this regard is not without merit. The Chinese approach can be seen as a cautious one as compared to the one that Britain, France and the US have taken against terrorism.

Nevertheless, Chinese action is consistent with its stance that it had expressed two days earlier before the resolution taken up by the 1267 Sanctions Committee on March 13th. However, China does not support terrorism of any sort. She is just suggesting the world to engage in “responsible and serious discussions to resolve the issue in a sustainable manner.”

It is unfortunate to note that instead of assessing the ground realities and bone of contention between India and Pakistan, some of the influential members of the international community have fallen for Indian propaganda over Kashmir. The recent move can also be seen as an Indian effort to isolate Pakistan internationally. The dominant states like France, Britain and the US have turned a blind eye to Indian atrocities in the vale of Kashmir.

Contrary to these three countries, who are more after their narrow national interests, China wants to secure the interests of the region, and precisely, for this reason, it wants to take a holistic view of the case. For China, a comprehensive picture is not complete without taking Kashmir into consideration where India has violated the human rights of Kashmiri people with impunity while occupying Kasahmir militarily.

While Indian media is in rows over Chinese move, the major powers need to measure all kinds of terrorism with the same yardstick which is not the case as the US stated that “we will continue working with sanctions committee to ensure the designation list is updated and accurate.” However, we have seen that the US and its allies in the war on terror do not stick to consistency when declaring a person or an organisation a terrorist one. We have seen in recent history how the US delisted several proscribed persons and organisations from the UN terror blacklist to end the stalemate in Afghanistan.

Therefore, instead of bashing China all the countries that want JeM’s leader on UN terror blacklist should consider Chinese advise and resort to a “responsible and serious discussion” on the issues of terrorism and a peaceful solution to Kashmir. As long as Kashmir issue is not solved India will see its soldiers vulnerable to attacks like the one carried out in Pulwama.