After the sad demise of the founder of Pakistan, and later the assassination of PM Liaquat Ali Khan, our country quite literally was left leaderless. Those who captured power at then acted in a self-serving manner, focusing on personal lust for power. The leadership at the center unconstitutionally removed the CMs of provinces, just to strengthen their grip on power. No one really stood up against this unconstitutional and undemocratic action. This set up a bad example for politicians to divulge in undemocratic acts to satiate their hunger for power.

Due to these undesirable actions, democracy could not gain strength despite the holding of general elections, eventually paving way for either full-blown dictatorship, or a compromised and crippled democracy. Ever since, the country has been struggling to get back on the tract of real democracy, which has a long way to go in foreseeable future. Our politicians still need to learn a lot to rise above petty personal issues, and act in real democratic manner that strengthens the country.


Islamabad, March 2.