According to our constitutional law, every child from the age of five to sixteen must be given compulsory education, but the figures seem disappointing if we throw a glance over Balochistan, the biggest province of Pakistan. However, the educational fee increases rapidly every year. As a matter of fact, the majority of parents are facing unbearable issues when it comes to the affordability of education.

Surprisingly, in Balochistan, private schools’ teachers are fixing their own fee rates. Every private school’s fees are different, and they need the fee immediately without any bargain.

Educating a child is becoming more difficult day by day. Besides school fees, recently in Turbat, school-van fee has increased by 20%. Before, it was Rs.1000, but now it has hiked to Rs.1200, owing to which students are compelled to walk to school. Unfortunately, the educational authority took no action against this injustice to students. Additionally, the increment of educational fee is the biggest cause of out-of-school children in Balochistan.

Thus, the concerned authority is requested to look into this matter seriously, and lower the educational fees.


Turbat, March 1.