India has not been able to maintain its pro-war narrative for long because of mounting pressure from the West and excessive media coverage of the blunder it made in the name of killing terrorists. Pakistan and India, as per Pakistan’s wishes to pursue a dialogue, have joined forces for the Kartarpur corridor. India has a significant Sikh population which visits Pakistan every year to mark their holy days. Pakistan has worked rigorously to accommodate them and to ensure that they are safe and can practice their religion freely. This is precisely why the Kartarpur Corridor is being pursued because the Sikh population is also interested in establishing this relationship with Pakistan.

The first official meeting for the Kartarpur Corridor took place on Thursday and both sides have described it as cordial. The fact that both countries gave a joint press statement post the meeting is being witnessed as a great developed by many. Such a feat was last achieved in 2015 and more appearances like these must be pursued because the narrative of war is not only damaging but also pushes the average voter to put aside their basic needs to focus on a war driven agenda. Such a narrative is not feasible in this day and age anymore.

The next meeting is scheduled for April where experts will meet to discuss the alignment of the corridor. It is expected to be functional this year in commemoration of the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak. Pakistan will establish a long-lasting relationship with the Sikh population of India which will provide a visa-free regime via this corridor. India now needs to realise and acknowledge the leap of faith which Pakistan is undertaking and keeping in mind the future of the region, must reciprocate proportionately.