Whenever an Indian would reminisce over affairs of history, he would recall two particular occasions where an Indian crossed a line against Pakistan, and was made to pay a bitter price. One is at the high-heated mega final of the Champions trophy, when the Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah crossed a line. The wicket-taken delivery turned into a no-ball, and batsman Fakhur Zaman, ended up completing his maiden ODI century, thus helping Pakistan pile up a huge winning total against India.

Another misfortunate crossing of a line was when Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter planes crossed LoC in Azad and Jamu Kashmir on February 26, 2019. To this, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) responded instantly and effectively, causing panic in IAF ranks, who in haste dropped their payload, rendering no death or damage to any Pakistan’s infrastructure apart from some trees - as per convincing evidence and reasonable media of Pakistan. Whereas, warrior anchorpersons of the Indian media claimed it the biggest victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who apparently avenged the Pulwama attack by destroying Jaish-e- Muhammad training camps, and killing at least 350 terrorists. A claim no less than a farce, and which turned out to be the real cause of their second historic surprise that came a day later.

This, with no exception, was an act of aggression from the Indian side. More importantly, it was a blow to the nation’s sovereignty, integrity and the valor of our armed forces, leaving no option to Pakistan but to retaliate effectively and efficiently. To get this done, PAF planes intruded in Indian controlled airspace, and targeted Indian military installations in bright day light, as if to tell the enemy that what you can try in the night, we are capable enough to do in the day.

However, the situation has been de-escalated, with Pakistan again asking for negotiations while also releasing Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan as a gesture of goodwill - one of the many steps that Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken to engage with Indian leadership to resolve the issue of Kashmir and establish a working relationship with India. The majority of Indian media is busy-bee in doing Modi’s election campaign that has been beating the drums of war, forgetting the dangerous fact that Pakistan is a nuclear armed state. Any miscalculated adventure can lead to full-fledged nuclear war—war that is entirely destructive, and not constructive in any form.

To cap this all, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and their media must revisit their decisions and attitude towards Pakistan, and forgo their short-sighted vested interests over the larger benefit of the region, and humanity at large.


Larkana, March 1.