Certainly with rising inflation and hike in the prices of daily used commodities on routine basis, the life for common people is becoming un-bearable. The more disappointing is the rule of directionless and clueless Government. After opening a lungar Khana (free meal space) for few hundred people, the Prime Minister of the country prompts to make a disclosure about eminent economic revolution for the poor. The Prime Minister more often appears to be completely aloof even from basics of economy. He is fond of telling the people especially the poor about eminent changes in their lives while his Government appears wandered here and there about the economic revival.

On the other hand the plight of common people is becoming difficult day by day. The decline has been a continued feature of daily life; there are no emerging opportunities for employment and means of livelihood; people are on the other hand losing the livelihood means they have had previously either because of a growing gap in the maintenance cost or flight of money from the business. Asking rather forcing the people to document their economy all of sudden in the culture of unbridled economy has created deep panic among the traditional business community. The money which was part of black economy has suddenly found other destinations due to fear of being apprehended among the people who had accumulated such money through illegal means throughout the last few decades.

The investment in the real estate sector has been touching lowest ebb ever as every buyer or seller of property is required by Tax authorities to prove money trail used in the deal of real estate purchase and sell. Agriculture sector is not on the priority cards of the Government’s economy team. Industrial production has always been disappointing but in this one and half year it has fallen to zero. Loan servicing is getting multiplied due to fall of value of rupee in relation to US dollar thus widening the burden of loan repayments. Service delivery for common people is touching new low. Gap in income and expenses of working class is growing for them beyond a bearable point. But amid all this situation of doom and gloom, the Prime Minister is telling the people to become ready to welcome good days as according to him difficult time has been passed.

One however, wonders that in which world our Prime Minister lives as the life on this part of the world is pole apart what the PM has been painting. No turn around in the economic situation is visible rather situation seems to be worsening in the days to come as the approach of the Government is far from a realistic one.