Through the column of your esteemed news paper, I would like to draw the kind attention of concern authorities towards aftermath of dual nationality.

Turkey and Pakistan are thinking about an arrangement to make it simpler to give dual nationality to the two nations’ residents, in what might be a noteworthy increment in relations. The countries with which Pakistan currently has dual nationality agreements with include the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Iceland, Italy Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Jordan, Egypt, the Netherlands, Syria, Bahrain, Finland and Denmark. Pakistanis with dual citizenship are forbidden to run for public office, sit in the assemblies, contest elections or join the Pakistani military.

Pakistani nationals lose their political rights to become representatives in their own country but nationals of permitted dual countries, on being granted Pakistani citizens, gain political representation rights to become legislators and participate as equal, without discrimination, in Pakistani elections.

It is injustice and insult to Pakistani nationals, who return to Pakistan after being granted dual citizenship from permitted States, to be judged as an enemy agent of a friendly foreign state, while allowing nationals of foreign states equal rights to become representatives! Are Pakistani nationals, with permitted dual citizenship, 3rd class citizens in their own country?