E-cigar and vaping are the new emerging trends with in our society. Moreover, upper class or youth using e- cigar or vape as a symbol of fashion statement.

Nevertheless, now its demand has been more popular among the teenagers as well as school going kids due to its unremitting demand they are now available in most cafes and restaurants also. At first it was assumed that e- cigar are safer but after many researches the results came out that it is actually not safe at all and it is transforming our new generation as nicotine addict. Secondly, it is also associated with some serious health risk. Because of nicotine, e-cigar can cause depression, diarrhea, high blood pressure, increased respiration, irregular or fast heartbeat and sleeping disorders. Due to its harsh side effects on health many countries actually placed restrictions and ban on e- cigarettes and vaping products.

Despite these facts, in Pakistan the side effects of e- cigar or vaping trend have never been highlighted on a large scale because of its high market demand and distributors are making huge amount of money from it. It is requested to the government and other lawmaker’s authorities to imposed ban on these products and advertises its awareness campaigns on all the platforms, in order to save to our young generation from this menace.