The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in continuation of its steps aimed to provide improved facilities, particularly in low cost housing projects of the city, will initiate rehabilitation of road infrastructure, in Model Urban Shelter project Farash Town.

Tenders regarding rehabilitation of roads 1, 2, 3 & 4 of Farash Town have been issued and after completion of bidding process rehabilitation work would be started. Rehabilitation of the roads in Farash Town is being carried out as connection of a comprehensive project, envisaged to improve over situation of the locality. Under this comprehensive initiative, road infrastructure, street lights, sewerage system and other missing facilities would be provided. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the Model Urban Shelter project Farash Town was developed on the outskirts of the capital to relocate the dwellers of Katchi Abadis including Muslim Colony, Haq Bahu, Dhoke Najju and Essa Nagri set up in different sectors. However, in the past no attention was given toward improvement and maintenance of facilities in the area, due to which the area was in dilapidated condition.

In this regard, a comprehensive plan and PC-I Rs.844.33 million was prepared which was presented in the 46th meeting of the CDA-DWP held in January this year. Under the approved PC-I improvement of road infrastructure and other basic amenities including water supply, street lights, sewerage system etc would be provided to the residents of the area.