Educational institutes, marriage halls remain closed in Hafizabad

HAFIZABAD - According to the decision of the government, all the government and private educational institutes as well as marriage halls were remained closed here on Saturday.

The district administration sealed all the marriage halls in the district and warned that violators of the decision of the government shall have to face strict action.

Most of the wedding ceremonies in the area were postponed, while some arranged lunch for their guests in their residences.


FIR registered against victim’s wife, two others in murder case

HAFIZABAD - The city police have arrested Ayesha Bibi on the charge of murdering her husband with the help of her two paramours.

 Earlier, a dead body packed in a sack was found near a nullah in the vicinity of Mohallah Ilyaspura on Friday, which was later identified that of Mohammad Naeem, owner of a factory located on Park Road, Hafizabad.

 The District Police Officer (DPO) had constituted a special police team to solve the blind murder.

 After hectic investigation and interrogation of different suspects, the police arrested the victim’s wife Ayesha Bibi, who confessed having hatched conspiracy to murder her husband with the help of her paramours Hamid and Hassnain.

 She further confessed that her two paramours Hamid and Hassnain had hacked the victim into pieces with a sharp edged weapon in her presence, packed him in a sack and thrown the dead body near the nullah.

 Following the confession of victim’s wife Ayesha Bibi, the police registered a case against Ayesha Bibi and her two paramours, who went underground. The police are raiding different places to arrest them.


15-year-old boy electrocuted in Sukheke


HAFIZABAD - A 15-year-old boy in Sukheke was electrocuted when his kite fell on overhead high voltage cable.

 According to sources in police, Zain Ali son of Zakaullah was flying kite and his kite fell on the high voltage cable.

 As a result of the incident, he received serious shocks and died before any medical aid could be made available to him.