Services Hospital Lahore Medical Superintendent Dr Saleem Shehzad Cheema was removed from his post on Sunday for his mishandling of the coronavirus situation.

Services Hospital was designated by the Punjab health department as the focal hospital for coronavirus but the counter for patients was empty.

Dr Cheema has been told to report to the health department. Former Jinnah Hospital medical superintendent Dr Iftikhar Ahmed has replaced him.

The Punjab government has issued notifications about these changes. The health department says it received complaints against Dr Cheema.

People coming from Sheikhupura found that there were no facilities at the hospital. They said when they came to the hospital, doctors told them not to enter the wards and go to the coronavirus counter instead. They found that the counter was closed with a notice directing them elsewhere.

There are reportedly no testing facilities at Services Hospital. Patients say they are being directed to a private lab for testing.

The notice also says they could visit the Health DG’s office.