LAKKI MARWAT - Experts have declared soil conser­vation inevitable for sustenance of human beings and develop­ment of agriculture sector, saying that besides boosting agriculture, the soil conservation is also help­ful for making farmer community economically prosperous.

They were speaking at an ori­entation session of Prime Minis­ter National Agriculture Emer­gency Programme at model farm service centre in district head­quarters complex Tajazai the other day. Growers from differ­ent parts of the district attended the session. Experts included former director generals of soil conservation department Yousaf Bangash and Jehanzeb Khan and district soil conservation officer Nazir Ahmad Khan.

They said that the programme was aimed to boost agriculture, reduce erosion and improve lives of poor farmers.

“Under national agriculture emergency programme, the gov­ernment has allocated Rs14 bil­lion for soil conservation proj­ects,” said a speaker, adding that soil conservation enables farmers to make better use of agricultur­al land, get good crops and en­hanced yield.

He also shed light on vari­ous methods to save agricultural lands from erosion and damages of flash floods and rainwater and said that prevention of soil loss was directly linked to the pros­perity of growers. Jehanzeb Khan said that the government would build small dams, ponds, retain­ing walls and terraces in moun­tainous areas and would also launch plantation to conserve soil and lands from damages of floods.

Speakers said that projects aiming to conserve soil would be completed under public private partnership to promote sense of ownership among farmers and educate them about their respon­sibilities to look after those proj­ects.

Later in a question answer ses­sion, they briefed farmers about levelling of fields, use of manure, soil conservation methods, better use of floodwater and ploughing methods.