Another heinous and horrific event occurred on the soil of Pakistan, when terrorists massacred almost 100 young paramilitary soldiers, who were going to their homes with smile on their faces after completion of their training. But that smile was their last smile. Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism for a number of years and trying to devise and implement different strategies to get rid of the menace of terrorism and maintain the peace in the country, but to no avail. It is necessary to review our strategies at small and large scale. The counter-terrorism efforts require a multi-dimensional strategy. The terrorists are targeting personnel of law enforcement institutions in particular. Although, it is necessary to strengthen the law and order departments to protect citizens, but at the same time policymakers should think out of the box. It is indispensable to give significant attention to socio-cultural perspectives that cultivate the grounds for terrorism. Masterminds exploit poverty, illiteracy for heinous activities as instruments to motivate people to carry out suicide attacks. Empirical evidence testify that recent suicide attacks have been executed by children. Masterminds now brainwash children for carrying out blasts, because children are devoid of mental maturity to know the difference between wrong and right. Therefore, anti-terrorism strategies and campaigns should be started at a small scale actually and people should be motivated through socio-cultural knowledge. Media campaign can play a pivotal role in bringing the true picture. Meetings with the influential persons of the villages should be called at district or sub-district level for running campaign in their respective villages. Awareness campaigns should also be started in educational institutions. This will be a best possible way to counter and combat terrorism from grass roots level, because common person will be involved and engaged in the process of positive change. INAYAT ALI GOPANG, Islamabad, May 13.