Quaid-i-Azams slogan of unity, faith and discipline started with unity at first. We have failed to achieve unity between the presently carved provinces ever since One Unit was disintegrated by a Presidential edict of late Gen. Yahya Khan. It is being suggested now to disunite the provinces further to create further chaos. The present Pakistan was treated as one unit in late President Ayub Khans rule which dispensed with the provinces that are a bone of contention today in lack of decision to initiate a mega-dam in Punjab due to inter-provincial mistrust in the past four decades. Earlier the One Unit of West Pakistan was administered by Divisional Commissioners under one Chief Secretary and one Governor like Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan of Kalabagh. Monumental development took place during the period so that Pakistan became a model to be copied by South Korea. At present the bickering provinces do not seem to agree on any major project of water and power development while two megadam had been built in days of one unit by late F.M. Ayub Khan without which we could have been starving to-day. So the lesson is in unity as one and not in subdividing further to create a Tower of Babel of many chattering voices. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, May 14.