The US government has questioned Pakistan why our intelligence agencies did not know the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad? Either our agencies were protecting him or we are incompetent people. I would not counter question America as our political leadership is doing as to why their own elite intelligence agencies failed in 9/11 case where four American Airlines aircrafts took off from four different locations with a mission to attack American World Trade Centre and other vital installations without being detected during broad day light either on ground or in air. The highjackers cleared all security checks successfully on four different airports before boarding the planes and then accomplished their mission by taking over the controls of all the four planes in the cockpit. The US government had placed a head money of $ 50 million on Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan government had already made millions of dollars in handing over hundreds of Al-Qaida operators with head money ranging from $ 5 millions to 10 million during last 10 years as given in Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf's book "In the Line of Fire". This was yet another big chance for our ISI or the government to make huge money of $ 50 millions if we had known the presence of this high profile Al-Qaida leader in Pakistan or Abbotabad. The aggressive hunt by our intelligence agencies to net OBL was on and to get this huge bounty. The system of tracking wanted people is the same as is used by any other country i.e selecting reliable sources or agents, cultivating them and then planting them in Al-Qaida or Taliban groups. We have seen many such agents beheaded by Al-Qaida or Taliban who suspected them to have given leads to either CIA or ISI to their locations. Recently we lost Col Imam and Khwaja Khalid who were brutally killed by Taliban on suspicion of playing double game. It is impossible that OBL lived in Abbotabad for 5 years and was not detected by our agencies especially when that big house was named as "Waziristan Haveli". Secondly, the Osama's face was known to every person in Pakistan and who would not like to get $ 50 million by informing his whereabouts. Everyone besides our Intelligence agencies was on the lookout to locate OBL and win the huge bounty on his head. But he never lived in Pakistan. It was all scripted drama played by the CIA like attack on World Trade Centre on 9/11 or Mumbai attack on 26/11. The story of Ajmal Qasab is fake and attack on Indian Parliament was all cooked up. This is how our spy masters work all over the world to achieve goals of a bigger game by the respective governments. They sacrifice their own men and some times their top men in the government just to make the world believe. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, May 14.