Pakistan has a population of around 180 million. Out of that, 51% population is of females. This number of female population by any standards, is higher than many other developed countries of the world. It means that we have to take special care of our female population of the country. But unfortunately, no due importance and focus have been given on the upbringing and development of female population during the last sixty four years. Our women have not been able to get themselves out of net of both illiteracy and poverty. Because of these twin menaces, they have not been able to achieve a sustainable status and recognition in their society. If we really want to see our women empowered, then we must provide them best suitable education which will ultimately help them in improving their economic lot by getting suitable jobs both in the public and the private sectors of the country. Without giving education and jobs to our women, especially of rural areas, all our dreams of making our women empowered will perish in open air. Besides this, women of our country should equally be given opportunities in making important decisions in the affairs of both house and the society. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, May 14.