LAHORE – Vice Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Shah Mahmood Qureshi has warned the government that resumption of Nato supply through land route would be tantamount to bypassing the Parliament.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he said the supply line was blocked by prime minister through an executive order and the Parliament had unanimously approved a policy setting two conditions for its restoration.

Asking whether the conditions of unconditional US apology on Salala attack and ending drone strikes had been met, former foreign minister cautioned the Cabinet’s Defence Committee to take a decision carrying weight of the Parliament as well as wishes of the masses. He stressed that a decision lacking public support would be meaningless. Referring to the importance of the issue, he said that he would suggest Imran Khan to convene a national conference to formulate a consensus policy on Nato supply. He said the PTI’s May 27 public meeting in Rawalpindi would reflect the wishes of the masses on such an important issue. He said the government was using the sovereignty of Parliament as a tool against apex court verdicts but was likely to disregard the same, as statements of defence and foreign ministers suggested.

He said the rulers should have thought upon likely repercussions of supply blockade before going for it. He wondered why the government was concerned about the Chicago conference when it had boycotted a similar important moot at Bonn (Germany) on Afghan crisis.

“Is Zardari’s participation in the Chicago summit and compensation for Nato containers more important than national sovereignty and pride,” he questioned. He said such issues should be decided by the masses and the parliament and not the corrupt government.

He said the foreign minister was confused on Nato supply issue as presently the country was leaderless.

He said the country successfully faced the world pressure while exploding nuclear devices and the same could happen on Nato supply issue. He said the government was failing on every front as it lacked vision and was consuming all its energies on challenging the contempt of court verdict against the prime minister.