WHEN it comes to building a comfortable bungalow, Jim Higgins has got the inside track. The retired transport manager, 60, has one of the most unique houses in Britain... because it is built around a real railway carriage.

The property in Ashton, Cornwall, is a fully functioning house but bizarrely has the fully restored 130-year-old Great Western Railway car within its walls.

Mr Higgins, 64, originally from Buckinghamshire took over the property from his former father-law Charles Allen who was forced to build it around the railway carriage because bizarre planning regulations meant the train could not be moved.

Mr Higgins said: ‘The railway carriage was lived in by a local woman Elizabeth Richards from 1930. ‘It was known as Lizzies Place to when she died in 1966. ‘It then stood empty for a number of years until my ex-father-in-law came down looking for somewhere to retire. ‘He was a master carpenter and was looking for planning permission to build a retirement home. ‘He came down from Middlesex and fell in love with the spot where the railway carriage was.’  –DM