It comes as a big shock and surprise to hear that the Pakistani Embassy in China rolled out the red carpet for General Musharraf, who is wanted in Pakistan for the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Baloch leader Akbar Bugti. It is quite ironic that this has happened at a time when the party of late Benazir led by her spouse and run by her close associates is in power. There is also Interpol that was recently asked by the Interior Ministry to hand him over to Pakistani authorities. Not only was lavish protocol arranged for him by the embassy but he was also given the opportunity to address a gathering of the diaspora and, not so strangely, he was stingingly critical of the present government during his speech. It is against diplomatic norms that a speaker at a function arranged by an embassy should be running down the government the embassy represents. In view of the kind of reception that was arranged for him one begins to doubt whether the government has lost touch with its key embassies and the kind of personalities it is issuing patronage to. If the government really wanted him to face trial for the charges against him, perhaps it should have rolled out handcuffs instead of the red carpet. The kingly reception of the General cannot be understood by any rationale.