KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party Sindh general secretary Taj Haider on Monday congratulated party workers and office-bearers from Sukkur and Larkana for organising a mammoth public meeting in Kamoon Shaheed on May 12 in support of the constitution, democracy and beleaguered Prime Minister Gilani.

The PPP leader called the meeting as historic, claiming it would go a long way in saving the federation and foiling attempts of the right wing reactionaries on the democratic government.

“One can feel confident that the 12th May rally will go a very long way in saving the Federation and foiling the attempts of the right wing reactionaries to derail democracy just the way the earlier rally led by Bibi Sahiba had done”

He said that the rally that held at the boundary of Sindh and Seraikistan consisted of more than 80 percent youth that testified the fact that the youth aside by the PPP. The crowd was so large and so thick that he along with three senior journalists had to abandon his vehicle and walk through the crowd for almost 5 kilometers to reach the stage. He welcomed the decision of the Islamabad High Court to throw out a petition seeking unseating of the prime minister and his cabinet. The said judgement, Haider said, very effectively blocked the right wing attempts to drag the honourable judiciary into their own anti-people politics. He advised the right wing politicians to stop creating hurdles in the running of the State, and creating opening for adventurers to usurp state powers.

“The country has to move forward towards free and fair elections. Attempts to take it back to the days of dictatorship and extremism are bound to fail. “Let all of us collectively ensure that democracy that has been won after a long and hard struggle and for which the best amongst us like Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Bibi Sahiba Shaheed have laid down their lives shall not be allowed to perish”, he concluded.