KARACHI - After the merger of the Sindh National Front with the PML-N, a number of questions are haunting the political circles and need to be answered.

Whether Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto has abandoned the theory of confederation or Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has quit the politics of federation? What party position Mian Sahib would offer to Mumtaz Ali Khan Bhutto? Whether other nationalists’ leaders and influential powerful families join hands with Mian Sahib?

Political observers are of the view that Mian Sahib and Mumtaz Bhutto have an old political alignment and the latter had helped the former being a caretaker chief minister in 1997 general election by adding weight in the heavy mandate that Mian Sahib had got.

Analysts believed that merger of SNF with PML (N) will make no difference for PPP in the coming elections as history showed that Mr. Bhutto had failed to make any dent in the PPP vote bank. In 1997 Ameer Bux Bhutto son of Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto had won election from PS-30 Larkana with the margin of more than a hundred votes. Now much water had flowed under the bridges. 

Observers are of the view that due to personal grudge Mian Sahib is out to unite all anti Zardari elements on one platform and not the anti PPP forces.

Mian Sahib was busy in parleys with other nationalist leaders to bring them in the party fold. However, after the merger of Mumtaz Bhutto with PML (N), the chances of nationalists’ leaders coming with Mian Sahib are bleak”, the observers said.

In business parlance Bhutto and the nationalists’ leaders are selling the same commodity, the only difference being Bhutto is a wholesaler and the others are retailers, observers added.

The feeling in the PML (N) camp that merger of Bhutto will help in roping in the powerful families of Sindh into the party fold has no weight, because now it is time of open market and no one would like to share their bounties.

That is the reason that heavy weight families like of Mehar of Khangarh/Jacobabad, Shirazis of Thatta, Unnars of Larkana and Jatois of Naushehro Feroz are carefully watching the political wheeling dealing and would wait till the last moment before deciding their move.

Historically these families have holds sway in their own territories when it comes to winning national and provincial assembly seats.

On the other political outlets of PML (F) and Q are already functioning and delivering according to their capacity.

Analysts consider Mumtaz Bhutto as dead weight in the foot of PML (N). The tussle in the Sindh chapter of the party which had died down after more than a decade after the elevation of Syed Ghous Ali as provincial President may again restart with induction of Mumtaz Bhutto.

However, reaching an electoral understanding with PML (Likeminded) is seen as a big positive in the account of Mian Sahib due to which he regained a foothold in Sindh.

Chief of Likeminded Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim has hold sway in Tharparkar district and had won national and provincial assembly seats in every election come what may.

Politics is an art of possible and that’s why Sindh Assembly has a singular honour of having no opposition leader.

Political analysts said that this time Mian Sahib is facing Zardari and not Benazir Bhutto. During the last four years Zardari has proved that he has mastery over the politics of Pakistan. 

A couple of days back, Sardar Salim Jan Mazari has announced joining ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) along with other influential associates of the area.

Mazari tribe is considered as powerful one in Ghotki district. 

Earlier, Haji Khan Chachar, another influential chieftain had joined PPP.

Observers said that when the PML (Q) whom the PPP declared as Qatil League is sitting on treasury benches due to political shrewdness of Zardari. And if need arise, Mr Zardari would play his cards in Sindh to outwit Mumtaz Bhutto.