LAHORE – NFML GM Marketing Dr Khurram Shahzad said that one-window operation has been started for the betterment of organisation and for the convenience of farmers. He said that NFML has launched a website which step towards efficiency, transparency and effectiveness where information sharing had been made so easy, says a press release. He said that overall working has improved and Punjab Government has also accepted that there was no shortage of urea during the Rabi season due to imported urea. Effective marketing campaign made it possible the availability of urea to farmers. No price like NFML in market. Our monitoring team checked the agencies and two hundred agencies were dismissed because of their inefficiency. Punjab Agricultural Marketing Department is established for check and balance. It is appreciable that the private producers have cut down their prices due to the low prices of NFML. We are not going to take urea for private makers. 12,00,000 ton urea has been imported and it will be further imported as per demand. Three lacs ton urea will arrive in Pakistan within next few days. The Senior Federal Minister Ch Parvez Elahi played a vital role in the achievements of NFML.MD (NFML) Tariq Shafique Khan is also a hard worker and honest man who always takes step for the improvement of NFML. In future NFML will take all necessary steps for the welfare and betterment of the farmers.