I have been moved by the reference to Nobel laureate Khalil Jebran by the learned judge Asif Saeed Khosa containing pearls of wisdom but it appears these pearls would prove to be pieces of stones before the political swans of Pakistan. One may add “pity the nation that is engulfed in darkness in spite of 40,000 MW hydel generation capacity of power and pity the nation where the politicians cannot agree on a dam that would earn them $ 4 billion yearly while the nation begs from USA. $ 1 ½ billion aid in 5 years as also $ 6 billion US from IMF in 5 years ignoring its own hydel resource to generate $ 4 billion US annually.

Further pity the nation that is poised to buy energy from India generated on Pakistan’s rivers to strike our shoes on our heads. Further pity the nation which denies the final powers of arbitration and interpreting the Constitution to the Apex Court claiming its Parliament to be the final arbiter. Further pity the nation where its head of State takes refuge behind immunity to safeguard his illicit money stashed abroad in an obstinate manner.

Pity the nation where head of Government revels in reported corruption without batting an eye. Finally pity the nation where the law is made a hand maiden of the powerful to serve their vested interests and pity the nation where a child dies in the arms of his mother due to blockage of traffic by people agitating the long hours of load shedding.


Lahore, May 10.