MULTAN - Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa on Monday accused the PML-N of hatching conspiracy against South Punjab Province, saying the adoption of resolution for Bahawalpur Province proved that Nawaz-League wanted to sabotage the move for South Punjab Province.

Talking to journalists here at Multan Airport, Governor Khosa said that although the PML-N did not miss any chance to exhibit its anti-Seraiki stance, the federal government would soon give good news to the residents of Seraiki region by forming a commission for the creation of South Punjab Province. He lamented that the Seraiki region was subjected to highly discriminatory behaviour by all previous provincial governments as a result of which it lacked all basic facilities. He hoped that with the creation of new province, the sense of deprivation and backwardness would disappear from Seraiki region.

He lashed out at Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and said that he was an illegal chief minister. “If the Supreme Court takes up cases regarding Shahbaz Sharif’s eligibility and Mehran Bank scandal, the country will soon get rid of their negative politics,” he maintained. He said that he could reject all summaries sent by the Chief Minister as he (the latter) was not a legal CM and even he was not member of the provincial assembly. He alleged that the Sharifs were doing the politics of break and burn, asking them to refrain from this kind of politics otherwise the workers of PPP would be forced to besiege them. He said that the Sharifs had a non-political mindset and they hatched a conspiracy against democracy under the guise of protest processions. “It is amazing for everyone that a Chief Minister of a province himself disrupts the law and order of his own province,” he maintained. He said that the Chief Minister endorsed the steps being taken by the government for eliminating power shortage in a recent conference but now he backed out. 

The governor continued his fiery statement against both Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif and said that both of them were a product of dictatorship. “Their mentality can’t be democratic whatsoever. It’s because of their autocratic behaviour that Sardar Dost Khosa has sent his resignation,” he claimed. He added that now Sardar Saif Khosa had also announced quitting the party.

He claimed that his party always did the politics of reconciliation to promote political harmony in the country. “It’s the evidence of our vision of reconciliation that PPP lifted ban from Mian Nawaz Sharif’s becoming prime minister for a third term through a constitutional amendment,” he added. He claimed that the PPP could demolish Punjab Government overnight. “This (Punjab government) exists because of our charity. If today we decide to demolish it, tomorrow it will be gone,” he added.