LAHORE – Dozens of employees of Railways’ loco shed unit Monday protested against the low salaries and threatened to suspend train service across the country if their demands were not met.“We demand 25 per cent raise in salaries. Our pay scales are not revised after 1985,” said the protesting employees while chanting slogans against the government. They held that their protest would continue until their demands were not addressed. While saying their salaries were insufficient to meet the bread and butter of their families and afford education of their children, they threatened to suspend train service across the country as well if the government would not pay attention to their demands. Meanwhile, Railways Mazdor Union asked the government to announce bailout package and writ off all the debts of the Railways if the rulers were serious for the revival of the public utility. The Union leaders, in a pre-budget conference, demanded of the government to take steps to control the prevailing culture of corruption in the cash-stripped department. The 100 per cent raise in salaries of low grade employees was demanded in the coming budget.