The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gilani is like a half- witted person who is behaving as a confirmed wiseacre who can destroy the whole country to hide the corruption of his beloved master, Mr Zardari, the incumbent constitutional ruler of our state. Mr Gilani is a sententious person trying to appear wiser than the whole fraternity of lawyers of Pakistan as he has resolved to go on ridiculing the Supreme Court and the honourable judges till the cows come home. It is rightly said that a great fortune in the hands of a fool is a great misfortune. We are not as pitiable a nation as one of the honorable judges has stated in the verdict against Mr Gilani in the additional note but we are rather an unfortunate nation whose elected leaders have always duped the people with a vicious intent and have concentrated only on the aim of personal aggrandizement. They have only proved to be political pygmies. Mr Gilani has waged a full fledged battle against the judiciary with full vigor, strength, craft and resources. This is certainly going to be a prolonged confrontation only to the detriment of the people of Pakistan.

Mr Gilani got his lessons on 26th April when he was not only convicted but punished in the courtroom for 30 seconds for having deliberately scoffed the decisions of the most venerable court of the country. Even though he has been convicted in the contempt of court and faces a likely disqualification for holding any public office for the next five years, he is repeating the same old mantra ad nauseam that he will never write a letter to the Swiss authorities to reopen the graft cases against his master. Adding insult to injury he also says in an audacious tone that no other future Prime Minister will even write the said letter. Furthermore, he insists to stand by his story that his future lies in the hands of the Speaker of the National Assembly and only she has the powers and ability to disqualify him or not. He even cares a fig for the Election Commission which can boot him out of his office. According to Mr Gilani he would exhaust all possibilities to prove his innocence and his legal team would appeal against his conviction as and when he returns from his official visit to England. Let us suppose that the Speaker surmises the matter not as serious that it should be sent to the Election Commission and if after thirty days, the EC disqualifies him, the heaven will not blow on him as the President of Pakistan will definitely pardon his conviction.


Wah Cantt, May 11.