The demand by a section of MQM leadership in New York for carving a new province out of Sindh comprising urban areas in the south contains within itself the rationale for arguing for Seraiki and Hazara provinces. We have time and again underlined the point that ultimately MQM would revive its old demand Jinnahpur. Reportedly, the party’s Rabita committee has not endorsed their call.

Leaving aside any other argument, one must say that the issue is pregnant with turmoil and violence in a province whose capital suffers daily bloodletting. This call is an inevitable corollary of the hornet’s nest of new provinces stirred up by the present government just to gain political mileage. Little wonder the MQM leaders in New York while making their demand referred to the PPP set-up’s support for the Seraiki province as a justification for creating South Sindh. Sane elements in the country should be working against splitting the provinces on ethnic grounds which runs contrary to the teachings of the Quaid-i-Azam who urged unity, faith and discipline. Sadly, even in areas where the people did not feel the need for a province, the local politicians are diverting their attention with such secessionist notions. The responsibility falls on the MQM’s shoulders to come clean on the issue. They must make their position clear, that they condemn such a move.