Girls Guide is a British organization established in 1907 for girls, it was founded by Baden Powell and his sister Lady Agnes. The main objective of this movement is to make teenage girls conscious of their responsibilities. A member of a Girls Guide is given a variety of programs that shape her character. She learns, in association with other Girls Guides, how to keep herself healthy and active. She is instructed on how to build her moral and social character. She learns basic facts about courtesy and etiquette. Furthermore a Girls Guide is taught how to develop homemaking abilities. She learns household skills such as cooking, knitting, stitching, planning, maintenance and social activities like first aid, fire fighting etc.

This organization was also established in the subcontinent in 1911 as Indian Girls Guide, this organization became independent in 1947 and a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1948, now called Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA).

Though it has 117,692 members it has lost the importance it once held. In 1970s and 1980s all Government school and colleges promoted it, but since the advent of private educational institutes it has been left behind. This could be one reason for our younger generation not having the skills or the manners that our previous generations had. I think that we are depriving our young girls from learning skills and etiquettes, as our country is still in a developing state, our women should be strong enough to earn for themselves.

This program provides all Pakistani women to learn skills, free of cost, to support their families in this era of inflation. It is difficult to survive in these hard times on one salary or wage. When she herself is socially and morally groomed she will groom her children and ensure that they grow up to be an asset to the nation.


Lahore, May 12.