Recently Lahore and Karachi police encountered a group of gangsters in Lahore, which was reportedly involved in criminal activities in Karachi, including a failed attempt to kidnap a young girl in a famous shopping mall in Karachi in March 2013 in broad day light. The police bravely fought the miscreants and in the shoot-out, three gangsters died and a couple of policemen embraced martyrdom. We always criticize our police for their poor performance, and never praise them for their extraordinary courage and zeal to ensure that our society is safe from the criminals. Furthermore, the failed kidnapping attempt of a young girl which was witnessed by millions of people across the country literally stunned everyone and every individual was thinking how unsafe our families are at public places! But this immense show of bravery by our police force will certainly restore our faith in our policemen, which is extremely laudable. I hope that our police will continue to keep our streets safe from crime and lawlessness like this.


Karachi, May 12.