I had heard of land grabbers and land mafia but I always thought that this happened on a larger scale and not to individuals or one house. Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way. I had a house built in Mozia Churharpal, district Rawalpindi a few years back, my brother lived there and now it is lying empty. I personally live in Canada, Recently some members of my family informed me that some men had broken into my house and vandalized my property as well as cut down the trees. I have all the original papers to the house but the few family members living in Islamabad are ladies and I cannot ask them to go to the police and register my case.

Is there no law in Pakistan? Can anyone do anything and get away with it? They seem to be having the backing of some strong people as they are openly claiming that it is their property. They seem to be powerful goons so I hereby request the authorities, through your esteemed newspaper, to look into the case. I hope that my house is safe in my country.


Karachi, May 11.