Zakat basically ensures that Muslim countries remain welfare states, where Zakat is used as a tax on wealth that the rich do not utilize in businesses or activities that promote the country’s economy. This tax is then used to help the poor and needy. This is a two pronged tool, which provides welfare to the needy and promotes the use of wealth to help the country’s economy. Gold is a very important part of our lives, sometimes given as wedding gift, or on other occasions, is bought as savings by house wives, it becomes a part of our life. There is Zakat on gold, and a serious dilemma arises from this, as this comes under the domain of the women. Most housewives own gold but as they do not earn they cannot pay Zakat, and most husbands are reluctant to do so!

There is a dire need in our society for people to know that marriage is a social contract and a union, where a husband and wife have to support each other. Not paying Zakat on gold will not solely be the sin of a wife but the earning husband will also be held accountable. Maybe some private TV channel could do a show on this to spread awareness? We have the best way of completely abolishing poverty if we truly follow Islam.


Peshawar, April 25.