The heinous murder of Rashid Rehman Khan, a lawyer and human rights activist is another example of the sickness that prevails in our society. He was killed for defending a lecturer accused of committing blasphemy. The lawyer was threatened in the presence of a judge, but the law and government failed to protect him. Hundreds of innocent people have been killed under the label of ‘blasphemy’ such as Salman Taseer and Rashid Rehman. Blasphemy law is being used as a tool, without any fear of the law. Should a person be killed if there is a difference in opinions or ideology? Why do the courts exist, if law will be taken into the hands of the vigilante?

Salman Taseer wanted amnesty for a woman accused of blasphemy and Rashid Rehman supported a person who committed blasphemy, but who gave permission to kill them? All of us that call ourselves Muslims, must know the spirit of our religion, which is kindness, as preached and practiced by our Holy Prophet (SAS). I am not saying that we should ignore any outright insult against our religion but we should have the patience to go to courts for it instead of killing someone, who may or may not have said anything. The country cannot afford any more bloodshed of innocent people.


Islamabad, May 12.