The government has plans to induct solar power in the country which would cost Rs. 15 per unit, ignoring the hydel power costing Rs. 2 per unit. It appears the rulers are bent on crushing the masses by generating expensive energy. The present government is catering to the rich and ignores the masses who badly need cheap energy from dams, why is the government so reluctant to build dams?

The lack of consensus for KBD is not based on facts. What is preventing the government from using its large state machinery to promote the idea of KBD by providing facts and figures from renowned politicians and engineers of all provinces and holding debates and discussions on the subject? They spent billions on promoting, a not so urgent matter such as Metro Bus and free laptops, why the reluctance in promoting KBD or spending on other dams? Should we be crying over the destructive policies of our rulers?


Lahore, May 9.