It is pitiable that the government servants, both civil and military, live miserable lives after retirement. They look dignified but their financial conditions are bad. Most pensioners cannot afford higher education for their children on the pension they get. The Punjab Pensioners Association has recently written a letter to PM Sharif to increase the pension amount. Another issue is the huge difference in the pension rates of the old and new pensioners. It may be noted that the new pensioners are drawing more than double the amount of pension paid to the old pensioners. The Defence Forces Veterans Association (DFVA) Pakistan took up this issue of ‘one rank one pension’ with the government some times in early 90’s suggesting the equalizing of the rates of pension. Numerous reminders have been sent during the last two decades, ant yet, the issue remains deferred on one pretext or another. PM Nawaz is requested to settle the long outstanding issue of ‘one rank one pension,’ eliminating the gross injustice being done to the ‘old pensioners’.


Lahore, May 12.