Our education system has three different systems, the private English medium, the public system and the madrassa system. The students of these systems have nothing in common. They are divided by socio-economic and ideological dimensions. Private elite students have cultural capital and have strong economic advantages which increases their chances of holding high posts after completing education, while the students of public schools are given those vacancies which are left over. The madrassa student has no option but to either go into religious seminary, as a Maulvi, or become a clerk. Some people say that the future of Pakistan is secure and I would like to ask them how, considering there is such a discrepancy in our education which ensures that the three different classes can never be on the same page.

The armed forces came up with the ideology that all three, the Army, Navy and the Air Force should work together, for this they have their officers stay in the other academy for two years. Building a bridge for future needs and keeping this in mind we must also device a plan where the distance between these three groups can be reduced for a better tomorrow.


Jaffarabad, May 12.