LAHORE - Even as our powerful Chief Minister Mr Shahbaz Sharif has launched a full-scale anti-dengue campaign which has made visible progress, the practice of keeping cattle in residential areas of the provincial capital continues unabated.

Herds of animals can easily be seen in Babu Sabu, Sherakot, Badami Bagh, Baghbanpura, China Scheme, Bhogiwal, Khokhar Road, Bhama Jhugian, Karol, Sabzazar Colony, Kharak Drain area, Thokar Niaz Baig, Green Town, Township, Daroghawala, Iqbal Town Green Town Nishtar Colony and near Wafaqi Colony Johar Town.

Although the chief minister has, time and again, ordered district administration to get the city clear of animals, the officials have done nothing but backing those already ignoring the orders by keeping the animals in city areas.

Milkmen find it very easy greasing the palms of officials who alert them (milkmen) prior to any drive against such droves. They take their cattle away from the city until campaign concludes.

Since no proper waste management system exists, keeping cattle in residential areas have been posing serious health hazards, and many areas are breeding a large number of mosquitoes and other such species. Residents rued the failure of district officials in getting away with such a serious problem.

Resident of Sherakot, Iftikhar Bhatti said milkmen have been ruling the area for the past two years. Officials have been minting money by informing them prior to any crackdown, he added.

“Herds can be seen everywhere in China Scheme and roads remained covered with dung,” said Shahnawaz, another citizen. People of Punjab have made an appeal to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the matter.