LAHORE - Heavy rains followed high winds on Thursday evening, considerably decreasing the mercury level in the provincial capital. However, experts are predicting very hot and dry weather in most parts of the country during the next 24 hours.

According to the synoptic situation, a low lies over Balochistan and its adjoining areas. A shallow westerly weather system is still affecting Kashmir and adjoining areas and is likely to move eastwards during next 12 hours.

An official of local metrological office said the ongoing rain spell would end on Friday (today) and weather would remain hot and dry during the next two days. However there are slight chances of rain in some parts of the country on Sunday.

Till evening in Lahore, winds and scattered showers provided respite to the people from the prevailing harsh weather conditions by decreasing temperature during the day. However, rain showers lashed the city on night causing huge trouble for commuters, especially the motorcyclists who were seen hiding under the bridges and underpasses.

A number of roads were presenting the picture of ponds and the City District Government directed the concerned departments including Wasa, LWMC and other sections concerned to remain alert during the rain spell. Officials were also seen trying to clear rainwater from roads.

Minimum temperature in Lahore was recorded 24 degree Celsius after rain spell. Relative humidity during the evening was recorded 61 per cent.

The chief amount of rainfall recorded during the last 24 hours: Muzaffarabad 30mm, Kakul 29mm, Balakot 20mm, Parachinar 15mm, Murree 14mm, Lahore PBO 13mm, Garhi Dupatta 11mm, Gupis 11mm, Rawalakot 9mm, Gilgit 8mm, Pattan 8mm, Hunza 7mm, Saidu Sharif 7mm, Bunji 7mm, Dir 6mm, Risalpur 3mm, Astore 2mm, Khanpur 1mma and Kalam 1 mm.

The hottest places during last 24 hours were Turbat with 45 C, Dadu 44 C, Pasni, Lasbeela 43 C, Gwadar and Mithi and Chhor 42 C. The pollen count recorded Thursday was 197 per cubic meter of air.