The Nation of May 10 reported that engineers at a meeting, at the Institute of Engineers, have asked the government to develop a national strategy to focus on construction of water reservoirs and dams. I beg to submit that no government can overcome the objections raised by the smaller provinces to Kalabagh dam. The first step is to find out what the objections are. IEP should invite views from the experts from the entire irrigation department for this purpose.

The second step should be to open a dialogue, to determine the genuineness or these objections. I have gained a fair idea over many years of what the objections are, and also a fair idea of how to counter these objections to the satisfaction of the parties concerned. I have a problem with addressing large gatherings but will have no problem in putting across my views, for whatever they are worth, to some key members of IEP, of which I was also a member for many years. I hope this act could be the step to KBD’s construction and Pakistan’s future as a self sufficient country in energy and water.


Lahore, May 10.